Bathrooms Renovations Process -

Bathrooms Renovations Process - kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, kitchen & bathroom renovations, Interior Design Brisbane
Getting To Know Your Home - Bathroom Renovation
We start our design process by getting to know you and your home. .
Bathrooms Renovations Process - kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, kitchen & bathroom renovations, Interior Design Brisbane
Design & Layout - Bathroom Renovation
Our design process always begins with you and your ideas.
Bathrooms Renovations Process - kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, kitchen & bathroom renovations, Interior Design Brisbane
Handover Of The Bathroom - Bathroom Renovation
Crack open the Champaign - Your getting your bathroom back
Bathrooms Renovations Process - kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, kitchen & bathroom renovations, Interior Design Brisbane
Free Design Consultation - Bathroom Renovations
For a free design consultation, give us a call and set up an appointment .

Bathroom Renovation Process

Luxury Bathrooms Renovations
Creating luxury bathrooms is something we have practised over many years and we are proud to say we excel at. First of all we work with you to find out if you are a shower person, a wet room or a bath person, whether your bathroom is functional or a place of sanctuary or if it needs to be both. We work to understand your definition of luxury, we find out how you live and how you want to live, its understanding both of these that allows us to create your perfect room.

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View Recently Completed Bathroom Renovation Projects here We know luxury bathrooms because we have been designing them for a long time.

Our designs are birthed from the relationship we develop with you. Are you looking for a haven at the end of the day or is your bathroom merely functional? There are many aspects about you and your lifestyle that we take into consideration when creating a space suited to your needs. It is that perfect combination of your idea of luxury and our interpretation of it that will render the bathroom of your dreams.

What Makes Us Differant
A growing emphasis has been placed on the importance of bathroom design in overall home design and renovation. The industry has seen the introduction of new materials, modern technology and eccentric artistry being incorporated in the bath space.

The major factors of functionality and space will always be the priority in the design process because the importance of the bathroom cannot be denied considering that you begin and end your day here.

Superior Bathroom Design
We have seen complex and ingenious forms of bathroom storage due to the increasing number of ‘things’ that we consider essential in our everyday grooming process.

The basic questions will revolve around you: do you like soaking in a tub or a quick shower? Do you like spending time in the bathroom getting ready or is it merely a functional space? The use of technology in the bathroom for entertainment or grooming has increased over the last 5 years and is now an important aspect of bathroom design. Appliances like TVs, iPod docks and heated floors are just of them.

The possibilities are endless and the creative design solutions will cease only when you want it to – at Indesign Kitchens & Bathrooms we are up to meeting every whim and fancy you bring to the table.

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Bathroom Renovation Process

The Complete Service
Our forte is creative design solutions to bring together your needs and desires. Our perfectionist attitude to design requires us to pay attention to every intimate detail of the design process from the furniture to the rugs.

We give you a complete service from the exacting of the design, project management, construction, plumbing, wallpapering/painting, tiling, electrical work necessary to complete the job. We take care of all the details from start to finish giving you peace of mind to participate when you want to and we will ensure that you are kept abreast of every aspect of the creative to the construction process.

Materials And Finishes
We place as much significance on the type and quality of the materials and finishes used in your bathroom as those used in the rest of your home. From the tiles you walk on, the perfect lighting, the fall of your shower to the colour psychology used - there are a range of options and variations for you to consider. The modern trend is to use more eco-friendly materials and to go natural, but your preference may be more man-made depending on the look you are going for or your budget. You will be spoiled for choice.

Our team at Indesign Kitchens & Bathrooms will be a great resource to you in choosing the best combination of materials considering every factor important to you – this is what we do!

Craftmanship - Bathroom Renovation
Our craftsmanship in building bespoke cabinetry for your bathroom is second to none. We utilize industry-recognized techniques and methods that ensure results of the highest quality. Our team of artisans undertake for every aspect of the creation of the cabinetry from crafting, polishing, sanding and ensuring that every groove and cut is in place.

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