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The Art of the Powder Room

The Powder Room has evolved from a place where women went to adjust their clothing or powder their noses, the Powder Room is now simply a guest lavatory on the ground floor of a home. Don’t let this small space … Continue reading

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Find Your Ideal Kitchen Layout

Like everything else in life you need a plan – when planning a kitchen remodel, you need to pick a layout that will best suit your space and needs. The Open Model is all the rage, but it may not work … Continue reading

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Monochrome Kitchens

Monochrome kitchens are all the rage at the moment, so we thought we’d pay homage to this super trend! The term Monochrome, as you know, is a fancy term for Black & White and is by far better than the term grayscale anyway. … Continue reading

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Going “Green” in your Bathrooms

Going green in your bathroom doesn’t mean using leaves as toilet paper or taking a shower every 3 days. It’s about a conscientious change in lifestyle and using eco-friendly fixtures and features in your bathroom. According to SaveWater: Did you … Continue reading

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