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Sharing a bathroom becomes inevitable when you have one bathroom.. or you just simply live with your family.

During such instances when you don’t have too many options, making sure you have the privacy that suits you best when you use the bathroom is essential.

If you’re renovating your bathroom, consider your privacy situation. Some people may not care too much about having any privacy when using the bathroom, however some of you do cherish what little privacy you can get!

So, what are the options when creating privacy for the person using the lavatory while not making the space seem cramped and dark?

We’ve scoured the internet and found some design options that both look great and give you the privacy you so desire.

Maximum Privacy

A lavatory area that is completely closed off is nicely done when you have a bit more space to play with in your bathroom.

InDesign Blog Post - Bathroom Privacy 8

Or, you can install a pocket door for complete closure.

InDesign Blog Post - Bathroom Privacy 3

Another option is a glass shower door enclosure that is frosted around the front and sides of the lavatory area.

InDesign Blog Post - Bathroom Privacy 6



Moderate Privacy

You can consider having a mini room within the room! Build a half-wall enclosure that covers up the toilet.

InDesign Blog Post - Bathroom Privacy 13

 InDesign Blog Post - Bathroom Privacy 11


InDesign Blog Post - Bathroom Privacy 10

A half wall on an alternate side in the bathroom will provide a nice sectioned off area for the toilet, should you have extra space.

 InDesign Blog Post - Bathroom Privacy 9



InDesign Blog Post - Bathroom Privacy 5

InDesign Blog Post - Bathroom Privacy 7


Minimum Privacy

For those of us that are less conservative and frankly, just don’t have enough space in your bathroom for any kind of privacy – perhaps a simple screen will do the trick! This way at least you have some degree of privacy.

InDesign Blog Post - Bathroom Privacy 1

InDesign Blog Post - Bathroom Privacy 2

 Or you could install a floor-to-ceiling glass wall which creates height as well a bit of privacy.

InDesign Blog Post - Bathroom Privacy 12        InDesign Blog Post - Bathroom Privacy 4

 If you’re making some decisions on bathroom renovation, why don’t you give us a call and set up an appointment wtih our great team of designers to come up with a bathroom design that will work best for you and your family?










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