Bold & Colourful Bathrooms

We did colour-crazy kitchens.. so we thought we’d show you some beautiful and tastefully done bathrooms that pop with colour. Colourful bathrooms might not be for everyone, but for those that dare to colour things up maybe onto something!

So in true rainbow fashion, we’ll start with:


This is a great combination of milk and cherry red complementing each other beautifully. The large-format rectangular tiling gives the walls and floors a fresh look and using the same tiles for both the walls and floors makes the space seem bigger and of course, shinier.

  The lovely patterned wallpaper from mid-wall to ceiling gives this small bathroom a cosy yet heightened effect. The red bathtub against the stark white subway tiles becomes the featured piece adding life to what could have been a very bland bathroom.


The black cabinetry goes fabulously with the bold palette of oranges used in this bathroom each complimenting the other. It is hard to say which is the featured piece here, but we would venture out to say it is the spectacular amber glass bathtub (by Regia).  

On another take, a completely zen-inspired bathroom – tiles that look like tatami mats and a floating marble countertop. A complete haven.


It’s amazing how a splash of colour just livens up a rather dull bathroom. It’s a small space, but look at the glow emanating from the deep yellow walls to the patterned window treatment and shower curtain. Simple but adorable.

This bathroom drew its colour inspiration from a bouquet of buttercups and sunflowers – an odd pairing? We think not. We’re loving the stately atmosphere featuring wood floors and vintage bathroom fittings that sits pretty in natural light streaming in from the tall corner window. The two-tone walls and coloured bathtub liven up what could have been a look too flushed out (pun intended!).


Thinking of something more dramatic ? Try this on for size:

Feature large rectangular gold and espresso ceramic tiles that create a luxe bathroom space with a faux gold wash basin atop a floating countertop.

Perhaps just a touch of gold on your Toilet and Washstand? Check out this fabulous set from TOTO:

Is that swank or what?!


This beautifully-lit bathroom is sleek with its clean lines and floor-to-ceiling two-toned mosaic tiling. Bone tub/sink/toilet coupled with chrome fittings bring out the balance and harmony in this smaller space. However, the high mirrored cabinets give the illusion of a spacious bathroom.

 Everything about this bathroom is anything but ordinary. Shall we count them off? Mirrored floor tiles, lime-green tub, mint walls and some cacti…  A brave colour combination that turned out to be a winner! (We would consult an expert if you’re suddenly so inspired!)


Don’t want/have the money to change too much, but the colour of your walls?

A lovely geometric pattern on the walls adds dimension and life to a present bathroom or powder room.

Bring the beach to your bathroom with a nautical theme and comforting sea blue walls.


Can’t you just feel the relaxation dripping off these lavender walls? Love the matching combination of the ivory window and mirror. Throw in some mocha towels and we’ve got ourselves a sanctuary!

  This bathroom has more of an industrial look with the steel bathtub, textured walls and mosaic tiling that almost grows off the wall and onto the tub. It’s like a mixed media piece of art.


We love how this small space bursts with depth and simplicity with the artfully decorative mosaic tile in earthy tones that direct the eye upward and the mirrored medicine cabinet to create the illusion of space. A floating wood vanity completes the richness of this look.

A spacious bathroom in chocolate with a combination tiling and vanity continuing the choice of colour. The diminutive lighting perfectly washes the room in a warm glow.


You don’t have to be a fan of the new vampire and zombie trend to appreciate a black bathroom. See for yourself:

This bathroom in monochrome reeks sleek throughout! Square tiling that continues from ceiling to floor adds to the space of the room while white and chrome fixtures adds to this perfection.

Not convinced? How does mosaic + subway slate + marble tiling sound? Dare we say that it was inspired by 50 Shades of Grey?


We had to do white.. Hotels don’t have to be the only ones who can pull this off! Go on and steal your favourite boutique hotel look and allow it to inspire your next remodel?

One of our fave combinations are marble and chrome. We don’t even have to say too much to help you see how fancy this looks!

White bathrooms always look fresh and seems larger than the average. The trick is to keep it clean and sparkly!


Uncertain about how pink can be pulled off in a bathroom? Go baby’s breath rather than hot pink. With the hung gold coin curtain over a steel tub, this blush pink bathroom looks like a tall glass of Rosè Champagne.


So there you have it. You don’t have to go conventional and/or live with a dull bathroom. Liven things up with colour. It’s never too late for a change that can be minimal or a full-scale upheaval.

If you’re looking for a swank remodel from top to bottom give us a call! Here at InDesign K+B Brisbane we are known for turning your dreams and ideas into a reality.

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    thank you for being so good at writing and giving information, you do it very well, and your website is very good too, congratulations.

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  3. I love the green color design. It’s very refreshing to the sight. Thanks for posting!

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  5. Awesome . . . Great color matching. I liked more black color designed bathroom.

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