Family-Friendly Kitchens

Designing a kitchen for a family is always exciting for us because each family is different. Some are just starting out with a new baby coming home or have a house full of ‘tweens. Whatever it be, there are a variety of elements to consider to make your kitchen versatile enough to address your present needs.

1. Kitchen Layout

One of the more ideal kitchen layouts for a kitchen catering to the needs of a growing family is the open layout. The rough sketch shown below shows a kitchen that opens out to a living area and a cosy breakfast nook. This layout enables you to keep an eye on the happenings around you while putting together a meal.

floorplan-lSafety and easy-to-clean-up are one of the biggest concerns when planning a kitchen that is toddler-friendly.

2. Flooring

Flooring material that are more forgiving for those falls around the kitchen are bamboo or hardwood even though stone and ceramic tiles are more durable. Plus, it is proven to be better for your back and legs as you stay up on your feet and run around the kitchen after little ones.

InDesign Blog Post - Bamboo Floors

3. Appliances

Installing a pot-filler by the cooktop negates the need for walking around with heavy pots filled with water.

InDesign Blog Post - Potfiller faucet


4. Durable Countertops


Choosing a durable material for your countertops is essential because of the range of uses and users. Marble, stainless steel and granite are perfect for durability under constant use and abuse.

InDesign Blog Post - Carrara Marble Countertop


5. Storage

In the early years your kitchen will be peppered with plastic bottles and sippy cups that typically avalanche at the worst times when you’re reaching for one in a hurry. To avoid such incidents, have a lowered, deep drawer that can store more within reach.

InDesign Blog Post - Storage


6. Breakfast Nook / Homework Station

With growing kids in your home, school work is never too far away and supervision is essential. So as to not take away from what you are trying to do in the kitchen to prepare dinner or clean up after they get home, a dedicated space for the kids to sit down and work is necessary. This can be converted from a breakfast nook or bar area. Another bonus would be to install a power outlet near this area for when laptops and other electronic devices need to be plugged up.

InDesign Blog Post - Breakfast Nook


7. Command Center

As the kids grow older and schedules need to be visual and better organised, it will be necessary to have a command center in the kitchen where everyone gathers at the beginning and end of the day. A chalkboard or several mini corkboards installed on the wall in the kitchen is a good start.

InDesign Blog Post - Chalkboard Fridge InDesign Blog Post - Command Center


8. Trash out of sight

To prevent situations of unsightly, overstuffed trash recepticles – keep them hidden away in pull-out cabinets.

InDesign Blog Post - PullOut Trash



As your family grows, your needs and the functionality of your kitchen will evolve and it is important to be aware of that.

At InDesign Kitchen + Bathrooms Brisbane, our creative  designers are ready to sit down with you and plan out your dream kitchen perfectly suited for you and your family. Contact us today for an appointment and get one step closer to making your dream come true!



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