Monochrome Kitchens

Monochrome kitchens are all the rage at the moment, so we thought we’d pay homage to this super trend!

The term Monochrome, as you know, is a fancy term for Black & White and is by far better than the term grayscale anyway. What we love about the use of this classic duo is that it is timeless. When designers such as Chanel wanted something timeless and elegant, the power of black and white is channeled. So why not call upon the power of Monochrome to work its magic in the kitchen as well?

The beauty of this colour combination is that it is flexible with different kitchen styles. Take a look:


Instead of the run-of-the-mill white cabinets and black trimmings, this beautiful kitchen has taken a different spin on things with the black cabinets and white detailing and glossy countertops. The focal point is clearly the remarkable island with the wide sparkly white counterspace lit up with special pendant lighting to create a fine finish.


Have a little monochromatic fun in your small space breakfast nook with this diner-style decor!

Patterned Backsplash

Throw some pizazz to liven up your basic monochrome kitchen with a funky design like this cool zig zag pattern to continue around and above the kitchen countertops. Check out the matching floating shelf to complete the look.

Checkerboard Floors

What comes to mind when you think of black & white? Why a Checkerboard of course.

With the dark walls and checkerboard floors, it’s like a throwback to the ’20s! With this design however, it’s important that adequate light is featured in the kitchen so as not to make your kitchen look gloomy. The bright white, glossy cabinets allow the light to bounce off into the space. The tall mesh and glass cabinets adds to the texture we see in this kitchen.

Geometric Decal Detail


Going along with the current trends in fashion with triangles and various geometric designs, try using vinyl decals to create your own monochromatic style around your kitchen – or if you’re feeling creative just pick up a few Sharpies and get going. It’s like something out of a cartoon!

Mosaic & Marble

For a look that is luxe and unique, try something more ornate like mosaic tiling for your kitchen walls instead of paint or wallpaper as created by Italian design company Dada (Below).

The black marble island and workspaces make a statement of luxury while the paper lanterns bring personality and warmth to this space.

Industrial Loft

With all the old warehouses and buildings being turned into prime real estate, the industrial loft style is the go-to theme that goes perfectly with the space. Here’s a monochrome kitchen that will fit right in :

Shiny black cabinets with steel trimmings and appliances go so well against the white wood floorboards and the sleek pendant lighting along the counterspace of the kitchen – et voilà!


Splash of Colour

Nothing brings out a splash of colour like when its set against a black and white canvas. Try a bold patterned wallpaper against your monochrome kitchen with coloured accents of a single colour.


Or how about something that’s just simple? A combination of white gloss and peek-a-boo glass cabinets with dark tile flooring and a black feature wall. LED lighting and a chrome pendant light fixture brings the look home.


Whatever it be, if you want to create something unique for your kitchen, InDesign K+B Brisbane have a brilliant design team who are up for a challenge! We will work alongside you and incorporate your ideas and lifestyle to create a space worthy of you. No job is too big or too small for us to handle! Give us a call today for a consultation.



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  1. Great kitchen designs.

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