Put your “Backsplash” into it!

On this blog, we’ve talked about awesome kitchen backsplashes in different materials to make your kitchen stand out from the rest… But how about instead of just making your kitchen backsplash look pretty, why not make your kitchen backsplash useful as well?

We believe that these suggestions would come in handy especially if you are tight for space in your kitchen and/or if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen.


1. Oil & Spice Niche

This is great for the efficient cook!

InDesign Blog Post - Kitchen Backsplash - Oil & Spice Niche

2. Sunk Espresso-Maker

This is a luxe option, but for some an extremely necessary one! These machines tend to be a bit boxy and take up space so flushing it in your backsplash would be ideal!

InDesign Blog Post - Kitchen Backsplash - Sunk Espresso Maker



3. Cookbook/iPad Holder

For those of us that are dependent on the perfect recipes to get through a dinner service, this is a must-have for your cooking comfort!

InDesign Blog Post - Kitchen Backsplash - Cookbook Holder



4. Knife & Towel Rack

This is ideal for keeping movement efficient, knives neat and within reach for those busy cooks in the kitchen.

InDesign Blog Post - Kitchen Backsplash - Knives & Towel Rack

5. Glassware Rack

Add in a sleek shelf for storing your glassware and adding extra recessed lighting!

 InDesign Blog Post - Kitchen Backsplash - Glassware Shelf


6. All-purpose

This all-purpose bar enables you to attach whatever you want within easy grab while you’re working about your kitchen.

InDesign Blog Post - Kitchen Backsplash - All holder Rack

7. Built-in TV

Another luxe option for those of us who would prefer to participate in our favourite cooking show by doing as we learn! This is also perfect if you’re just catching up on some light entertainment while getting dinner ready!



 If you see anything that you’d like incorporated in the design of your impending Kitchen rennovation, give us a call, set up an appointment and speak to someone from our InDesign K+B Creative team and we’ll make sure to include it in your plans.



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